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Together with the European stretch done with, as well as the Asian stretch (Singapore, Japan, Korea and India) coming up, the 2012 F1 World Championship remains wide open- in complete contrast to the one-sided 2011 season.  Five Drivers, still in the reckoning, with 7 races to proceed.

Normally, record the top five drivers of a season would involve plenty of numbers, also it'd be based only on statistics until now.  Here, we are likely to list the motorists, their situations, and what could happen at that time we reach the Indian Grand Prix, by mid-October.

Fernando Alonso (179 points)

The Ferrari number One has had the time of his career up to now, despite winning 2 back-to-back titles in 2005 and 2006.  He was saddled with a solid car back then, and was dethroning the fading legend of Michael Schumacher.  Here, he's fighting a field of young and old, ex and current Champions, all blessed with horsepower greater than his own, more often than not.

Still, he finds himself leading the Championship by 37 points, a healthy lead, at this point - that could be stretched farther with his favorite races to come.  If 2011 saw him step up on the podium 9 times with all the worst of the best five cars, 2012 has seen him - with his consistency still proving to be the gap between him and the firearms.  His heartbreak in his introduction Ferrari 2012 season could just be a matter of the past now, and he looks extremely determined to prove to the world that he is, by no means, in the twilight of his career.

Tied on 3 race wins with Lewis Hamilton this season, yet only 2 poles, he remains favorite- especially after his scintillating 10th-to-3rd drive at Monza.

After all, 80 podiums in a career- certainly not a 2 year flash in the pan.  He's always about.  2012 is his for the taking.

The McLaren no. 1 (atleast for 2012) has enjoyed his usual erratic season, getting into trouble with his own team, the officials, along with his opponents more often than Mario Balotelli.  After a bad 2011 in likely the most powerful car on the grid, Hamilton, through all of it, has led Button back into oblivion- and has proven to be McLaren's flawed genius.  3 race wins, in between some horrible accidents, has kept him in the race, only just.  The master of rod positions, however, hasn't seen his conversion increase over the year- with McLaren now proving to be the fastest car once again towards the latter portion of the season.  If anything, he'll have nothing to blame but himself- especially after his disappointing 5th place (2011) and 4th place (2010).   For once, thoughhe hasn't been associating with his favorite partner, Felipe Massa, also has been stepping into the limelight at the right junctures in the season, maybe not allowing Alonso rest easily yet.

Kimi Raikkonen (141 points)

68 podiums in 170 races- not normal stats from any stretch of imagination.  Who would have thought that this guy is back from a hiatus of 2 decades, from the most demanding sport in the world?  He simply got back, got to a new car, and has raced his way into a jolt 3rd in the standings, without so much as winning a race.  Five podiums could have a whole lot to do with this, along with his consistency betrays any type of rustiness or lack of regular after his World Rally stint.  Ex-Ferrari World Champion, Raikkonen is your driver the sport needed in 2012, a familiar face that may rival Alonso in utter driving skill, and turn it on when needed.  He has put the gasp back from the Lotus team, also has partnered Grosjean to turn his team to serious contenders for the title.  All he needs now is a race win, and it could turn into the 'return of the prodigal son'- together with the Ferrari ranks shuddering at the really thought of watching the ice-cool Finn nonchalantly standing at the top by the end of the season.  Effectively, he's going to be McLaren's biggest competition, and could stand between Vettel along with his third name.

Sebastian Vettel (140 points)

A far cry from his 2011 form, the young German Champion is fighting to figure on the podium through 2012.  He is going through the inescapable Djokovic syndrome, where there's nowhere to go but down after the dizzying peaks of 2011.  This only demonstrates that he is human, and not a machine as many guessed - not an extension of the once-flawless Red Bull engine.  The going has gotten tough, also Vettel has displayed remarkable poise under stress - even climbing to 2nd a race ago, before failing to complete at Monza.  The hard yards are being placed in after a fantasy 2 seasons, and this 2012 campaign out of all, could define his heritage as a driver, and could teach him a lot more than all his wins have.  His only flawless race this season was at the controversial Bahrain Grand Prix- in which he did the good old rod, start-to-finish- a touch run that has been cut short by the emergence of the rest of the field.  One still feels that the boy will not go down without a fight, and has plenty of steam left for the next 7 races.  He could be Alonso's closest and most realistic competition.

Mark Webber (132 points)

The eternal bridesmaid has never figured on anyone 's favorite lists at the beginning, middle or end of every season.  He has been created to be that figure which pushes the others towards the top of the list, and remains present for the sake of sheer numbers.  There has to be a no.2 in each sport, and Mark Webber is a racing, walking and speaking personification of the concept.  Founded in Monaco and Silverstone had left him something he wasn't accustomed to- the No. 1 driver from his team, but his genes took over, and he is back to where he belongs.  However cruel this seems, he's a journeyman who symbolizes the passion, dedication and drive needed to maintain that F1 car, and has never let his team down.  It is also why Red Bull, double World Champions, are still directing the Constructor's name standings with 7 races to proceed.

As they say, in the top 5, there's Mark Webber, along with the best 4.  Maybe this time, he could beat tradition, and try doing a 2010- without the choke at the finish.