Garmin 405CX Forerunner Sports GPS Watch Review - Help to Beat Your PB
No more forcing athletes to select between function and fashion, the Garmin 405CX is a slick sports GPS watch which has all the function and high functionality of previous Garmin Forerunner versions.

The heart rate monitor efficiently and always tracks your heart rate, speed, distance, pace and calories burned, assisting you to enhance your training.

Fully compatible with Garmin's MotionBased provider, the Garmin 405CX GPS watch can bump up your training to another level, letting you share classes, maps, workouts and functionality with different users.

What sets the Garmin 405CX GPS watch besides other Garmin models is that it comprises heart rate-based calorie computation and features a second wrist band for smaller wrists.

The Garmin 405CX GPS watch also offers a touch bezel feature that eliminates the need to fumble for buttons; you can just tap to change screens.

If you're searching for a high performing heart rate monitoring sports GPS watch, the Garmin 405CX Forerunner is ideal.

Garmin 405CX Forerunner GPS Watch Features

Garmin 405CX Forerunner GPS Watch Reviews:

Many clients found it's fulfilled and exceeded their expectations, stating that it is remarkably easy to use, highly accurate and very attractive in comparison to other versions.

Highly praised is your Garmin 405CX's capacity to monitor all of the information surrounding your workout and upload it into your personal computer later so you can analyze and constantly work to improve.

A couple of clients have Mac computers and have found that the software that communicates the Garmin 405CX is unreliable in their computers and does not work correctly.  A couple individuals also find the battery life insufficient.

If you use a PC and are searching for an economical and high quality sports opinion, the Garmin 405CX Forerunner GPS watch is a superb choice.  With an attractive layout and Garmin's trademark accuracy, you're guaranteed to be delighted with the Garmin 405CX GPS watch.