Another Monologue From Sebastian Vettel
His success at the European Grand Prix represented his sixth of the season and increased his lead over No. 2 Jenson Button to 77 points.

While the Spanish media keeps on filling their pages up with explanations to make their countryman Fernando Alonso out of Ferrari Scuderia look as the best driver in the Formula One, Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel keeps proving them wrong race .  Not only did he grabbed the title from Alonso last season in the grand finale at Abu Dhabi, becoming the youngest champion of all time, but also opened a 99 point gap between these 2011, year where he's won six races with his latest success happening at the European Grand Prix on June 27.

Vettel's supremacy is such that despite there being 11 races to go in the summer, his contenders have started to get frustrated and call off their fight for the name, exactly like a resigned Lewis Hamilton out of McLaren didn't hesitate to acknowledge after finishing in fourth place at Valencia, as he saw how the defending winner was currently 89 points ahead of him.

Despite attempting to backtrack on his voice through his Twitter account after realizing the impact of his name claims, posting his "team will never give up and I will never stop trying! ", the statistics did the job alone for Hamilton.  This tournament is pretty much over for him personally, but McLaren and their lovers have their pride and want to watch Hamilton fighting like there were options to this name.

Even the Constructors championship is the sole front opened where McLaren could nevertheless have a opportunity to win, considering it is based upon the amount of both drivers' results.
Seven pole positions, winner of six races and runner up in another two are the numbers with which Vettel has made from that season start the best in F1 history.  In the last Grand Prix held at Valencia on June 27, the defending winner showed more signs of his dominance by procuring his initial fastest lap of the race together with 1:41:852 on lap 53.

The 2011 F1 season will last on July 10at the Santander British Grand Prix at England, race which last year has been won by Webber.  It'll be a perfect scenario for McLaren to shorten distances with Red Bull in the Constructors Championship, for they will be operating with the support from the British lovers on their side.

As for Vettel, he'll attempt to claim his second victory at Silverstone Circuit, where he won for first time in 2009, but didn't run with the same luck this past year, when despite clinching the pole position he ended up seventh number.

Vettel would like to prevent all distractions and relaxation, stressing the tournament is long and lots of things can still occur.