Be The Best Way, You Need to be Special
Fitness Weight Loss walks the five principles  to achieve fitness and weight loss results, need to know the right method, to quality, to take every step:

First, our lives, every step of the work, visit the toilet a few actions to make use of; Resolutely give up after building up the elevator and down; Breaks, lunch break not only stroll outside Time considering: I walked every step along the way is to work out.

Secondly, will cope with posture, to lumbar back up, 10 feet of both feet toward walking directions, to feet with every step, every step of the muscles of the entire body as much as you can , to bomb individuals feeling.

Third, hitting the exercise must be: timing, quantitative, set strength.  Stimulate sustainable as a movement will regulate the body so the body's own State of "valve" total opening, protection exercise gains.

Regularly means that you 're going to "aerobic exercise strides exercise", you have to be to be scheduled.  Walk in a fixed time daily, your body will go to memory, and be corrected, leading to the control of blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar, blood viscosity and high quality of red blood cells perform a  so-called quantitative refers to the quantity of exercise is comparatively fixed, as an instance, walk three kilometers or 30 minutes to proceed.  Place the moment, or the time to really go the distance.

Scheduled strength is power to be repaired, but the power is not the bigger the better, while the medium to.

Walking workout pulse to learn standard: According to this basic pulse??  1.4 ~ the cornerstone of this pulse??  1.8, in other words, the best security of your movement pulse intervalFifth, the best walking exercise period is from 15:00 to 21:00.  Especially in the blood is not normal, blood sugar is not particularly secure or suffering from diabetes, or heart patients should select this moment.

A tight training muscles: seat state of the upper body straight, legs straight and close.  The very first step first the right leg plate at a straight left leg.  Re-use both hands to raise the leg, and as close as possible to the entire body.

Slowly squatting down to 5 o'clock, thigh and leg in a 90 degree bend, squat like to practice seated posture; Count up them slowly to 10, slowed down and buttocks clamping legs pressured to allow the body stand up right, Maintain the position after 10-15 seconds to relax, and back into the left leg, then according to the individual conditions can do, are subject to fatigue.

Frequently allow the legs to walk freely, to take the stairs to take the lift less, and sometimes Pei-ling low-heeled shoes, beauty leg.