Go Karting - Best For Aspiring Formula 1 Drivers
Formula 1 is the most exciting motor racing game the world has witnessed till today.  In Formula 1 that the drivers steer their cars at a rate ranging from 250 to 350 Kmph.  But to attain that much of a rate, the driver has to be seasoned to balance the car.  Though, everything comes just and only through practice, still for aspiring Formula 1 drivers, it is almost always better to try their hands at Go Karting first.

In fact, Go Karting is considered as the first and foremost step towards a career in racing, since the format of this game is practically exactly the same that can be used in Formula 1.  It was in the year 1956, once the first Kart was constructed from the Kurtis Kraft in Southern California.  Since that time, it's come a long way, and individuals belonging to all age category make it a 14 year old child or a 60 year old guy, loves to learn more about the zigzag racing paths.  What's more, it is also among the most economical motor racing sport, and everyone can experience the pleasure it brings into their lives.

In Go Karting, the aspiring racers are going to find out how to control the car, when it is in fantastic rate, how to overtake other racers, kinds of flags and what they stand for, fundamental principles and regulations, which should be followed in any racing game.  And, to market Go Karting in the Los Angeles and Ventura County, MB2 Raceway has assembled two of the most fascinating indoor Go Kart racing tracks based in Sylmar and Thousand Oaks respectively.  Here, individuals can go in small and massive groups, or even a person can go and start his/her race straightaway.

The Karting Tracks

MB2 Raceways paths in both Sylmar and Thousand Oaks places have been assembled in accordance with the international norms.  When it comes to the number of turns in the tracks, the Sylmar track have 12 turns, while the Thousand Oaks has 11 turns, which eventually help the drivers to attain expertise in turning the karts at high speed.  Moreover, the both tracks are??

The Electric Go Karts supplied by MB2 Raceway provide high performance, as they all are made in Europe, also handles to reach the high speed of up to 45 mph (maximum).  Additionally, for children kart racing, it provides junior karts, whereas for the adults that the karts are distinct, but still both kinds of karts are capable of providing an enthralling encounter to the race drivers.