Gpny Fun Racing Events Westchester
Should you"re looking for some change from your routine life, and you would like to have any fun or some other events, then check at Grand Prix New York in Westchester just a 45-minute drive from New York City.  By Arrive & Drive to racing leagues and outside, GPNY offers simply unparalleled Racing Occasions.  You are able to choose from several racing formats or function with their event specialists to create your own.  They"ll assist you with every facet of your event preparation and help determine the best possible accommodations.

You can get advice from one of the instructors, or you can prevent all practical instruction and get right out on the course.  With the two European-inspired race tracks, the finest equipment & the maximum safety standards, you can be certain that every racing event in GPNY will be one to remember.

 The centre includes pool tables and video games to keep you occupied if there"s a bunch on the track, also there"s an on site restaurant and bar for after-race interacting (drinking & driving is not allowed, and race bracelets make sure that you don"t slip one in before pitching yourself onto the track).  Sebring Championship - This race arrangement gives an chance for all to race for a tournament.  Every racer will participate in two qualifying races, and in the qualification rounds based on finishing positions the top racer would advance to the Feature race with the winner becoming the winner.

Open Track Race Off - This race arrangement allows the team to use the monitor for a fixed period of time with races scheduled in pre-set intervals and run roughly every 10 minutes.  This is a superb format for bigger groups looking to get big.

For those men and women who are interested in creating their driving abilities & experiencing the thrill of driving a few of our 9HP Stratos Karts, GPNY offers private instruction for groups as small as 6 and as large as 9 drivers.  The cost is $300 per driver and will include up to 4 hours of course time learning the techniques utilized to control a faster kart with our in-house expert educator.  Private groups may only be scheduled during off-peak hours and must be reserved straight via GPNY Competition Department.