Hendrick Hungrier Than Ever
A lost series doesn'wont lose the sensation the purpose.  For Chad Knaus on the car race tracks, the 2011 season ended not so much in failure as far as simply Jimmie not getting on top.  After a few seasons of dominance, he bowed out to an Edwards-Stewart struggle to the finish.  After 5-consecutive sprint cup titles, the No. 48 team ended 2011 6th in points.  Has Rome fallen?  No, for Chad Knaus it was time to step back, reflect and rebuild.   "But definitely going over there and coming back here makes me realize we need to be thankful for what we've got, embrace it.  Because in the event that you embrace it and get that reality check every once in a while, you're going to know it, enjoy it more.  And also you 're going to perform better. "

Where did this reality check take place, you ask?  On the shores of South Africa while the rest of the crew tested the waters of the Daytona International Speedway car race tracks.  Rather than the drafting and cornering, Knaus researched the way the waters of the Atlantic and Indian came together to affect cloud configurations, the real face of poverty and rhinoceros straight from the National Geographic.  While not moving entirely Dian Fossey, he did possess a life-changing encounter.  "Living in the United States, we're so confused by what reality is," Knaus said Wednesday through the NASCAR media stop at Hendrick Motorsports.

 Worse was the plane crash Rick Hendrick endured at the start of the offseason.  They're down... however they're surely not out.  In reality, Hendrick wants the staff to bounce back better than ever before.  "I typically hedge just a little bit," Hendrick said.  "This year I'm not.  I'm going to be very disappointed if we neglect 't have four cars in the Chase.  And I'm going to be very disappointed if we neglect 't win the championship. "

On the car race tracks, there's something serious to give.   2011 is supporting us.  There's not any looking back.  And Chad Knaus, top to the "pissed off #48 group " as Hendrick clarifies it, is as cool-headed as , "I'm not going to state taking a trip re-energizes me personally and I discovered some golden orb down there that made it worthwhile," Knaus said.  "I'll tell you that being able to unplug just a little bit helps.  It helps the mind.  I'm not quite familiar with that aspect of life. "