Lead Weights in Sports Racing
Lead is a compact a comparatively inexpensive metal.  Lead weights have a multitude of applications in most business and human action.  In sports, direct weights are used most frequently horse racing and car racing.

While the objective of any race is to win, direct weights are used to different purpose in horse racing and car racing.  In horse racing the lead weights are used to ensure a more completive leas predictable race, while in automobile racing the added lead weight is used fine tune the performance of the automobile to boost a single 's chance of winning.

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Lead weights for racing automobile traction and handling

In racing cars lead weights are used to help control the cars handling and grip.  While the rules require cars meet a minimum weight to be permitted to race, this is actually a secondary factor usually.

In order for the racing to maneuver, the motor needs to create enough power and the tires have to create enough grip.  The more weight that the more of both are required.

A well assembled race car will have to add weight to meet the rules, but the positioning of the additional weight can make a significant difference to how the car works on the monitor.  Lead weights need to be carefully put in Many parts of the chassis for example:

Rear positioned weights are significant for grip; the quantity of weight is set by the race track requirements.  High grip race-tracks will clearly require less weight in the back, however, the track requirements will change on several factors such as the weather, and time into the race.  It's important to be able to predict how the race track will alter over the race and correct the direct weight accordingly.Front put lead weights are important for steering and handling.  Weights are generally placed higher than back weights in order to boost front roll and then front tire  weight is important for managing in the corners.  Since the car drives in the corners, the weight will tend to move onto the outside tires with weight on the sides of the car will tend to keep grip on the inner wheels.

One other weight factor that needs to be considered is fuel weight.  As the race suggests that the automobile will burn fuel so will become milder.  Based on the period of the race and monitor requirements decisions will need to be made regarding the percentage of weight in the back.  If there back weight is elevated then the managing will improve as the race moves on however, the car won't be as quickly in the early laps due to the growing weight.  So it is critical to comprehend how the race track will alter.

The most important factor in the popularity of horse racing (the game of kings), is that the betting on the outcome.  However, predicting a winner of a race is relatively simple dependent on the maturity of the horse and its previous performance, so in order keep a competitive betting experience many horse races are disabled.

 This lead weight is called the "impost" and is delegated by the racing government based on many elements.

The most crucial factor that determines the quantity of lead weight added into the saddle bag is that the maturity of the horse.   As a result, in 1855 the weight for age scale was introduced with the then steward of the Jockey Club, Henry John Rous.  Under the weight for age scale the quantity of lead weight that the horse carries is decide by the horse's age, its sex, the race distance and the month.

As a result of the handicapping, races turned into not as predicable and considerably more interesting.  Betting can occur based on how well the horse is acting, and factors like the horses "pace" (defined as how the horse runs a race front runner, closer etc.), how well the horse appears in the paddock along with the skill of the jockey.  The handicappers can add extra interest by setting up races between horses with comparable paces styles.


Lead weight has an important part in several sports races, but not always for the very same reasons.