Make Sure You Are Appropriately Dressed When Trail Running
Fell and Route Running makes a great alternative to hitting the sidewalk on a regular basis.  It may be more forgiving on your knees and other joints, and it offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the most spectacular views the UK offers from the process.  No matter how the fells can provide a challenging and at times hazardous surroundings so ensuring are suitably prepared is essential to ensuring you keep safe and enjoy your experience.

There is a selection of premium quality apparel out there designed together with the trail runner in mind, and using a choice of exceptional rucksacks, jackets, fleeces, hats and rucksacks accessible it can be tough to decide on which.  I aim to check at some of my favorite equipment and recommend what you should be using in 2013.

Maintaining warm when path running in winter isn't rocket science however it is important that you layer up wisely.   A good quality mid layer such as a fleece is also a welcome item when temperatures drop or you need warmth throughout the evening.

Your outdoor jacket is your first line of defense against wind and rain.  A good quality trail running jacket will windbreak, be waterproof and be breathable to enable you to focus on your running without the stress of over perspiration.  There is a wide choice available, but the OMM Kamleika Jacket is perfect for running in.  It's lightweight and features stretchy material meaning that your running operation won't be hindered.  It also comes complete with hood to ensure you keep your head dry and aren't vulnerable.

Your rucksack is your very best friend when running for long distances or a number of days at one time.  A single day event may only require a milder sofa which range from the little OMM Last drop to the Vintage 25.  All these are smaller packs ranging from 10 - 25L and will carry your basic supplies in addition to a little hydration system.  They also include hip wings to ensure minimal motion.  A larger OMM rucksack such as the OMM villain is exceptional for multi-day races, with enough space to put away a light tent and sleeping bag along with other things.  It's 45  10 Liters and is just 700g in the event that you remove some of the items you may discover unnecessary.