Presales to India Second GP Open A Guide The Best F1 Ticket For Buck
Three months nearer to the BIG one, it's time to familiarize you all (ticket-holders or not) together with India's Grand Prix - the circuit, the seats, the vantage points, the spectacle as well as the encounter in order for your F1 ticket purchase is best.

16 corners, the 2nd fastest circuit on the calendar, an average speed of 210 km/hr, a length of 5.14 kms plus a strait that could observe a higher speed of 318 km/hr.  The capacity is phenomenal and could hold upto two lakh excited audiences.  That's the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, UP in a nutshell.

As many of you may already know, 2012 F1 tickets have gone on sale on  as as early as February.  Here's a sneak peak at the experience you've bought.  After-all, the seating with an F1 place remains a huge factor as far as the entire experience goes.

If you're spectators that get an inexplicable kick from absolute speed and high odds of mortality then the Classic Stand North and the Star stand 1 East (between turns 3 and 4) will be the place for you.  Of course, you may see nothing but a extended blur in the longest strait of the circuit that will definitely see top rates of 315 km/hr.  Value for money for your F1 ticket: 6500-8500?  Maybe not.  I'd rather see a horse race beyond at Mahalakshmi course at acceptable rates.  A better perspective of the automobiles dance with death with this strait would be from the-

Picnic STAND NORTH (sector 1- maximum view) or the STAR STAND two EAST (in a hairpin).  Same price, better vantage point.  More to the point, the cars stay in view for a longer period.

Another high-speed straits lie diagonally opposite to eachother- with celebrity stand 3 and traditional stand 1 to the EAST, and the mother of all areas: The GRANDSTAND and the Premium Stand NORTH on the WEST.  While the Grandstand might observe the who's who of the Indian Glambrigade and bigwigs (thanks to this 35k cost of the F1 ticket), the other stands said here are some safer bet and let us on an equal amount of action only if you're not desperate to see the green lights go off (in Slater's words).

Paradoxically, the South stands (Picnic and Organic ) might observe the most amount of overtaking and even actions - due to this huge hairpin in between turns 10 and 11.  The least expensive F1 ticket in the house, maybe, but the Premium Stand South is the place to be if you're a purist (12.5k looks pricey - but could be well worthwhile ).  The automobiles will be in their slowest (and hence, the driver abilities and mechanical procedures in the highest), and there's a large scope for race-altering occasions to happen here.  Put in a darker manner, make sure your insurance procedures are upto date if you choose to sit and buy this F1 ticket.  If you're lucky, you might even find Lewis Hamilton sitting in your lap when he crashes and burns after again.  If you're a cricket fan, you're allowed to rip the Brit up to shreds.  I understand your situation.

The traditional stands in the West (1 and 2) likely have the best view in the home - because they may be able to catch a glimpse of their race lights go off, and watch the top moments within the qualifying weekend only when the cars approach the finish line in dire rates racing against nothing but a clock.

F1 tickets are still available, and so are going fast.  Don't let this one go even if you currently have a confirmed World Champion (dual ) racing .  It is going to be anything but dull - simply because this is alien territory to every single driver in the grid.  Watch them get a feel of ailments (and hopefully wreck their cars) within the practice and qualifying sessions and then watch them fly off inches off the ground and shatter your eardrums as they whizz past you in a flame of red, blue, yellow and green.  Purchase F1 ticket on.