Rally Driving is a High You Will Never Forget!
It feels like it has to be part of their human nature to have a desire to live somewhat on the border, taking risks that make your juices flowing, which means taking those risks using a spoonful of security gear for a back up, just to be on the safe side.  Rally driving is about the excitement and the experience of danger because even though the craft of high speed driving sets the driver at risk they feel need to experience their ability to make quick decisions.

Racing is much more than simply accelerating

Stomping back on the gas pedal is fun!  Hitting the gas makes that tiny auto spin the tyres and squeal out rapidly like you never can on town streets.  Each driver is determined to be first from the beginning line all the way to the end line but that mechanical bullet has to be kept under control to maintain the race safe for all people participate.  Therefore the brake pedal is equally important in addition to the clutch.  There are occasions a motorist should slow down, like when approaching a bend, and braking might not be vital.  Down shifting usually slows a vehicle enough to make it through a curve without losing grip and going into a spin.  By expecting coming curves and slowing by letting off the gas and downshifting as you approach those curves, then you keep control of your vehicle without losing much momentum or speed.  By proper use of the foot brake you can feel whether or not you still have control of your car or truck and as long as you do slow just enough to maneuver the flip without losing your hands or grip, the race could be yours!  Always remember that maintaining control won't lose you time but slipping all over the track definitely will.

Driving by the "seat of your trousers " only gets you a little behind

It's important to anticipate your next move when driving at high rates.  You have to remember that fast reflexes and common sense make a motorist a winner.  Now's the opportunity to make fast decisions well before they're needed.  If possible, push the track so you might become acquainted with locations of their curves and also the idiosyncrasies of that particular rally track.  This will enable you to better anticipate your next move before it comes up.  It can be an absolute blast to drive a rally kind race and if you're the competitive type you will be essentially competing against yourself for that perfect time, which might be one second quicker than your previous race.  It's 's always challenging to check your reflexes and timing.  Simply have fun and unwind, but not overly much.