The History of Formula One Racing
Formula 1 racing is a growth of modern vehicle racing which has a series of events that are engaged in using formula 1 cars.  A series of races involving the use of these cars is are known as Formula 1 Grand Prix.  The background of formula1 racing could trace its origins to the pre-1947 racing occasions of 1920s and 30s.  The formula came up as a pair of principles which the motorists of formula 1 racing have to stick to.  These principles were put in 1946 following the Second World War, and agreed upon to regulate formula 1 racing events.  The very first non championship event was held the exact same year.

The very first championship race event was held in 1950, four years after the placing of this formula principles at Silverstone in the united kingdom.   During the 1960s and the 1970s there were several national races in the united kingdom and in South Africa.  There were a series of additional non-championship races in several areas of the world then but they stopped in 1983 due to the increased cost of these races.  The winner of this first World Championship was Giuseppe Farina, who won the race into his Romeo.  He had been almost tying with his teammate out of Argentina, Juan Manuel Fangio.  Juan nonetheless later took the name and had five titles in championships between 1951 and 1757.  This record stayed until 2003 when Michael Schumacher, a German motorist took it, after 45 decades.  Fangio is at the books for having dominated the first decade of this f1 grand prix racing.  He is regarded as the grand master of formula 1.

Since the very first f1 season, evolution of f1 racing has taken a variety of dimensions.  For example, unlike the first decade which was dominated by automobiles belonging to Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Maserati, a number of different companies have come up, offering more developed automobiles.  The cars that engaged in most races at the first decade had graduated prior to the war.  The cars had a leading motor and narrow tires and were somewhat large.  Later on, these automobiles were advanced to more developed smaller automobiles with much more advanced engines.  Such cars had better features like fuel injections and desmodromic valves.  Formula one racing titles have been competed for over the years and taken up by different drivers.  Today, the Formula 1 streaming season has tremendously competitive automobiles with advanced controllability.