Where Speedsters Rule The Roost
The motor engine didn't only present the 20th century folks with better freedom, relaxation and less reliance on animal transport, with it came upon a fabulous amusement activity-Car Racing.  Enjoyed not just by the rich, poor, old, young and adult; it made the uninterested working people stop and take note of it, which eventually turned into a larger, more recognized sporting activity.

Then over time, trickling down through the years car racing gained more and more refined and finally came about what we now know as the Formula 1 Racing.

And while the Formula 1 of this day and age is about money spinning, high octane, adrenaline increasing, racing cars zipping past at jet speed; its younger sibling Go Karting is correlated more with merriment and excitement.

The aficionados of Go Karting would tell you no sport can beat the thrill of sitting behind the wheel, slicing through the air to manoeuver your way and seize the best spot.  Situated in Sylmar and Thousand Oaks, Mb2raceway's indoor Go Kart Racing centre is known for a variety of racing activities.  A turf that provides Go Karting enthusiasts, whether people, family or a group, a complete fun driving in its secure and controlled environs.  State of the art, clinically built, power powered European karts can pull up the rate up to 45 mph.  The Go Kart Racing Sylmar doesn't only offer you great speed, it permits you to drive easily on its own quarter mile turf, permitting you to glide through the air swift and simple whilst providing you the right dose of thrill, you'd been searching for.

Mb2raceway is also famous for Kids Go Kart Racing which is an enthralling sporting activity for the kids.  It makes use of specially designed Junior karts.  There are stringent rules laid down, for instance, safety equipments such as helmets are essential.  A kid must be no less than 48 inches in height to be handed over the wheel.

Unlike its flamboyant close friend F1, which is becoming synonymous with racers taking home big bags and usurious sponsorships, Go Karting nevertheless remains a pursuit of pleasure loving, non professional racers (though it's fast gaining traction as a preliminary training ground for severe F1 fans ), that's likened more with a weekend activity.  People celebrate, cherish the time, make merry, cheer and revel in the rides; only the right medicine for a very long day on the job.

However, these times, this recreational activity is getting lots of attention in the Corporates, for Team building sessions, Event Launches, Corporate Meetings, Business Luncheons, Staff Appreciation, Annual Parties and much more.  And this is exactly what Mb2raceway's two locations Thousand Oaks and Sylmar offers you.

Such sessions provide individuals more cohesion and camaraderie because of better interaction; a reason why they are preferred over the office boundaries.

Birthday parties, bachelor parties, family get togethers are just another regular feature at the Go Kart Racing Thousand Oaks.  Individuals today because of a recently acquired experimentative series have become more and more prepared to visit unique destinations for observing such occasions.  And at Mb2raceway, they are given fun, frolic, excitement, a speedy run, a healthy spirit of rivalry, all in a bundle.


The explanation behind a growing interest in the Go Karting activity is correlated greatly with all the very many choices people are making in choosing for racing as a leisure pursuit.  And Mb2racey with a lot of offerings is now a pioneer in this realm.  Aside from the events and parties, Mb2 also organizes regular races for Go Karting buffs.  Apps such as Kosmic Karting (within a environment saturated in Good Music and Sparkling Lights) are held every Friday night from 8 pm to midnight.

One other such module- Pay the Summer , which is presently serving as a Summer Karting Kamp and Running Academy is also going on as 12th of June.