Why WRC Would Work In India
The World Rally Championship has taken a beating in recent decades, not least with the formation of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, or IRC, taking away a lot of teams and host nations.  In such a scenario, it's in the best interests of the FIA to consider bringing the World Rally Championship, or WRC as it's known, to India.

This 's why it might work:

Primarily, India has a rich rallying heritage.  Lets never forget the Great Desert Himalayan, a stellar occasion through the 1980s which brought top talents from across the globe, for its own combination of unpredictable states, varying topography and of course the bait of the mystique of India, that saw many teams staying on after the occasion to savour the sights and sounds of India has to offer you.  The Raid de Himalaya and Desert Storm do continue the tradition marginally, but a raid is a little bit different from the WRC format.

From the WRC, the spaces are restricted, with the distinctive stages accounting to get a competitive space of about 300 kilometres.  Also, a super special stage, typically operate in a controlled environment such as a stadium with higher spectator attendance is part of the occasion.

Call it personal taste if you will, but seeing a rally car in complete flight is among the most exciting sights in motorsport.  That the cars externally resemble street cars is an added advantage to the producers really, because the layman can create an immediate visual connect to the cars he sees the street.

With India's burgeoning auto market, notably the B-segment, and some big ticket patrons like telecoms and oil businesses, the WRC would do well in India.  Skoda already has a rally version of the Fabia, VW are operating on a Golf / Polo WRC, Hyundai has rally encounter with the Accent, and could prepare an i20 WRC, Ford already has the new Fiesta WRC prepared to go, Suzuki has rallied the SX4 previously.

Yes, global rallying has been attempted before, with all the APRC, and yes, it didn't move off particularly well, but the lessons have been learned.  It is all up to organizers to ensure the occasion is conducted to the best global standards.

In this decade, the time is ripe for World Rallying in India.  And with promising young Indians already making waves on the world stage, it'd be awful if the chance had been missing.