Ferrari Analyzes Its Future
Based on the results obtained at Monza the Italian group will decide if they concentrate exclusively in the development of next year's automobile, or continue betting on the F150 for what's left of the year.

2 key races are what Scuderia Ferrari has online program, races which will dictate the way to go for the remainder of the 2011 Formula 1 year.  Based on the results achieved -in the Belgian Grand Prix on August 28 and also the Italian GP on September 11- the group will select whether to start creating the 2012 automobile if their title options are finished, or if the scenario changes favorably, continue on placing all their hopes and campaign in the F150.

If it wasn't for the great results that their celebrity driver Fernando Alonso obtained previously month of July -victory in Great Britain, second place in Germany and third party in Hungary for a total of 58 points- that the decision could have had already been taken.  These improvements that the F150 has experienced after a harsh early season has led the team to be cautious in their choice, for in the second half of the year they might pull a comeback, that as of today appears improbable, but not impossible.

For Spa background isn't on Alonso's side, because of his very best result was a second place accessed in 2005.  Catalogued as the best circuit in the F1 by the Spanish driver, he'd love to win his first race to continue adding stress to the Royal leader of this championship and defending champion Sebastian Vettel, the German youngster from Red Bull Racing.  Alonso is 89 points behind him and only a large proportion of victories in the last eight races left, added to a series of adverse effects from Vettel can produce the comeback happen.

In Monza the background does lean on his side, for he has achieved two victories in the last three races (2008-2010).  The fact that the race is ran in Ferrari's homeland signifies a boost for these, and Alonso is anxious for reviving the superb experience that climbing to the highest spot on the podium in front of the Italian crowd means.

Unsatisfactory results would direct Ferrari to trigger plan B, which is made up of investing all attempts in the development of a better car for the 2012 season.  The evolution of the F150 won't be discontinued, for the improvements which the engineers have been working on for to the upcoming four races in Spa, Monza, Singapore (September 25) and Japan (October 9) are ready to be introduced.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali doesn't need to experience another early season as negative as the one that they have been through this year.  He wants to ensure the drivers -Alonso and Brazilian Felipe Massa- a competitive automobile because the first race of the 2012 championship, and to do so he wishes to invest the final races of the present competition to develop it, taking advantage of how principles for next year will remain the same.

 His religion in their knowledge is atop, as he believes they're the ideal people to direct a deep restructuration in Ferrari's surgeries, adapting them to the demands of press time in which teamwork and plan have the identical significance.