Rally Driving is High on my List of Excitement!
Just a very few drivers can honestly say that they wouldn't love to feel the adrenalin rush of high speed racing with loads of curves, hills, along with the unexpected bending that comes around during a rally class race.  It's only human nature to have a desire to live on the border somewhat, though that largely means taking risks with loads of security equipment for a back up, just in case.  Rally driving is kind of like that because even though high speed driving and the requirement to be experienced at rapid decision making is critical you also have loads of "backup technology".  The cars are built to withstand a lot of abuse and if there's an accident you should be secure because of all the built in security features.  Lets imagine taking one of these tiny cars on a rally course and placing it through the paces, first to qualify and to drive it .

Learn How to stop even before quickening

The "go pedal" is the enjoyable you and hitting the gas causes that tiny car to squeal out and rapidly hasten... fun huh?  But you may also want that mechanical bullet you've launched to prevent or slow down for that fast approaching curve in the track!  Anticipate the upcoming curve and start slowing by letting off the gas as you approach the curve.  This is assuming you have downshifted to second gear and are in a front wheel drive automobile.  Employing the foot brake you'll feel whether or not you have control of your car or truck and so long as you do only slow enough to maneuver the flip without overly straining the tires on your car.  If you break grip the car will start to slide and most probably you'll locate the back end coming around ahead of your front end.  Should you maneuver in that slide, in other words aim front line toward where the back is heading you'll fix your spin out and recover control.  This also signified you entered that curve too quickly.

Always remember everything happens in double time around the monitor

Anticipating your next move needs to include rapid reflexes and conclusions quickly created and well before they're executed.  In case you have driven the trail and became familiar with the curves and idiosyncrasy of that particular rally track, you'll be more able to anticipate what you'll have to do next.  Driving in a rally kind race is enjoyable and also very aggressive with the person you are competing against most being yourself!  Assessing your reflexes and decision making is obviously a challenge.

A rally race entails individual starts with times kept for each team.  Generally the driver drives and the staff member will maintain notes concerning gas fill ups, road hazards like gravel, dirt, and traffic issues to report to the driver.  While not directly competing against other drivers, rally driving entails a team function that is essential to a successful run.