Rumors Say Ferrari is Later Jenson Button
McLaren driver's contract ends this season and the Italian squad is looking for a stronger teammate for Fernando Alonso in detrievemnt of Felipe Massa.

According to them the Italian team considers that their own Spanish driver Fernando Alonso needs a stronger teammate than Brazilian Felipe Massa to increase their alternatives to clinch title.

Taking into consideration the fact that Button's contract with the English team expires this year, and that he had been publically state his point of view about extended contracts -like the one that McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh has goals of offering him- which the motorist rates as nonsense.

Button's statements did nothing but feed the rumors of his future being connected to Ferrari, for he didn't show an explicit desire in the interview of becoming up to signing a contract extension.  About McLaren he restricted his comments to think about himself as one of the options, claiming that "that's all that I understand ".

Whoever is following the English driver should then have something apparent in their offering: no long contracts.  Button said that despite extended contracts being popular among some of the contenders and teammates,'' he doesn't like them because they'd endanger their future.  Maintaining all the possibilities is his aim, and signing short deals his way to do so.

60 points behind 2011 F1 season pioneer German Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing, and owner of the next position with 101 points after seven races contested, Buttton believes he still have options to clinch name.  The boost that winning the Canadian Grand Prix on June 12 -where he angry Vettel in the last lap- gives him reasons to feel that the defending winner is vulnerable, and that he won't resist the strain if he keeps running like he did in Circuit Gilles Villenueve.

31-year old Button could anticipate a new and improved bargain from McLaren in the upcoming few weeks according to the renowned English weekly magazine 'Autosport', which could be the response to Ferrari's supposed interest.  This won't be the first time that McLaren has to deal with Ferrari pursuing their drivers, for there were also rumors previously about Lewis Hamilton holding discussions to get a Ferrari movement in 2013.

If these rumors are being heard in the paddock they then could 't imply another thing than the end of Massa's cycle in Ferrari, where he arrived in 2006 from Sauber.  Not able to win a championship because then, his nearest attempt was 2008 when he finished as runner up.  In his debut season in 2010 teammate Fernando Alonso emulated Massa's highest achievement for Ferrari and became the No.1 driver in the team, something which has pushed the Brazilian into an exit.

Owing to its background Ferrari will be constantly connected to the top drivers in the F1, since they are the ones which give fame to their title by winning names.