Sebastian Vettel Becomes The Youngest Two-time F1 World Champion
Not even Jenson Button's success at the Japanese Grand Prix kept the 24-year-old German motorist from winning his second title at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Before the Japanese Grand Prix all that split defending champion Sebastian Vettel from renewing his name was only one point.  The 24-year-old German motorist had not abandoned one race at the 2011 Formula 1 season, where after 15 events his worst outcome was a 4th location.  At Suzuka Circuit he was planning to begin the race from the pole position, setting the ideal circumstances to clinch that missing stage and claim his second successive championship.

 The race at Suzuka Circuit wasn't going to only a simple ride during its 53 laps for Vettel, because former World Champions these four drivers were just used to giving all they got, despite no longer battling for the name.

In the very first lap Button maintained through his radio a penalty on Vettel, who'd apparently blocked his way, and if it wasn't because the British motorist used his breaks in time and put his wheels on the grass, either of them might have ended up abandoning the race.  Button's first attempt to maneuver the German had not been successful, and neither his criticism, but he was going to get his revenge after lap 20, when Vettel's second pit stop of the race allowed him to claim No. 1.

Vettel was going to fall down one more place, since with 10 laps to go he received orders not to risk the race when he was challenged by Alonso, who maintained No. 2.  The 24-year-old driver just needed one more point to become the youngest two-time F1 World Champion, and together with all the third place he was procuring 15 points.

In their way to the podium Button wanted to know Vettel had blocked his way on lap 1, where the German replied that he "didn't need to put him at risk ", however he believes that considering the fact that he was ahead of Button, rather than besides himhe had the right to defend his place.

During the celebrations, which were not prolonged for too much time, since the energy drink squad had to pack everything and begin preparing the upcoming Korean GP to be disputed this weekend at Yeongam, Vettel excused himself for not finding the proper words to express his own feelings, but highlighted that he "couldn't have done this with of the support from the group. "

Despite having secured title with four races to go, Vettel has more reasons to keep him motivated, like linking the pole position record hold by Nigel Mansell since 1992 with 14, only two more than the 12 that the German has won this season.  Thus you can expect more from the champion at Korea.