Snow Water And Mud Lower Your Speed But Enjoy Them
Some methods you need to learn how to prevent harm outside.  Something slows your speed.  Upward running should be cautious and can be helpful.

Only in the low temperature, wind just proves to be a question.  Due to breeze blowing up and chillness, certain fever makes folks feel colder than in clam air.  In the wind speed of twenty miles with an hour, 50 degrees Fahrenheit would allow you to feel like 32 degrees.  As wind blows faster, the effect is more clear.  So we have to be cautious.

Once in a while; you could meet with the thunderstorm in your running.  When there's a possibility, walk in to construction or cars.  If not, don't get close to water, raised place and only tree, in addition not contact emotional.   If there is any probabilities, prostrate under copsewood, only if there is not wet.  If your hair becomes vertical, the charge nearby is growing.  The danger of lightning stoke is close at hand.

On the grounds of the newest wordings stated by International aviation electric panel that set up in Geneva, the best choice would be to kneel.  You need to draw close your knees, put hands on knees, and bow ahead as possible as possible.  Therefore, you should be sure you body does not like a lightning rod so far as possible.

The committee could add another manner of praying to prevent lightning stroke.
On one occasion, as my wife, child and I hiked along a byway into the peak near Madison's crest at New Jersey, we stumbled upon the storms.

Our bags' psychological objects came out electrical discharge phenomena.  We get away the ridge in a hurry.

Sand, snow water and lavender will lower your speed.  Now that you're helpless to these, You shouldn't bat an eyelid.

You could suffer pain if sands enter shoes.  If you're operating around the shore, running without shoes may be more comfy.  You can take shoes by palms, each hand one shoe.  Possibly, you could stamp on the marine algae, but you need to be careful about the jellyfish.  You then could sink shallow, and pull out feet outside easily.

As for the snow water, Major problem is disgusting, but not harmful.

While you're running, your toes behave so nervous.  Even in chilly weather, feet also could not be frost damage generally.  Once you arrive at home, your toes might become numb.  However, a brief time after it may become well.  Then you can go dancing throughout the evening.  The significant problem of snow water is it is going to splash all your body with sand when car drives passing by.  At wintertime, there's nothing more embarrassing than the snow covering all your face.

Mud does not have one merit.  It will force you to slip and blot your cloth.  In case you have a drop over it, then You might be the laughing stock one of your companions.