The F1 India Story
The Formula One trend is beginning to catch up in India.  It all started with Narayan Karthikeyan who made his way to the F1 circuit, and has been later fuelled by introducing F1 to India with the Buddh International F1 racing circuit.  F1 India - Buddh International circuit is the only circuit for Indian racing, making Delhi paradise for every hardcore motorsports fan.  The first edition of the Indian Grand Prix attracted a lot of actors as well as corporate honchos. 

F1 India turned out to be an extremely successful event and now is bringing an increasing number of crowd.  The Buddh International circuit, designed by renowned F1 circuit designer Herman Tilke, is 5.141 kilometres (3.19 miles).  The race length of the first edition of the Indian Grand Prix has been 308.4 kilometers (191.6 mi).  The track is spread across an area of 875 acres.

Apart from the Indian Grand Prix, the Buddh International circuit will host different events like GT1 world championship season finale in 2012, a superbike world championship for four whole seasons article 2013, along with the 2013 MotoGP Indian Grand Prix.

The F1 India monitor has a total of 16 largely medium speed corners permitting F1 cars to lap at a whopping average speed of 210 km/h(131 mi/h).  This will allow F1 cars reach 320 km/h (200 mi/h) which makes the track one of the fastest tracks on the planet.
Sebastian Vettel, the winner of the first Indian Grand Prix stated "I think it's a very impressive nation, very different to what we likely know from Europe, but very inspirational.  If you keep you eyes and ears open I believe you are in a position to learn a lot, how the people manage things.

55 corporate boxes, with 30 seats each are now present at the Buddh International circuit and have catered to enormous titles like the Ambanis, Vijay Mallya etc..  The corporate boxes for F1 India fill quicker than the standard seats.  It gives exclusive suites with an impressive private outdoor deck which gives you a brilliant view of the monitor.  The corporate boxes offer you individual suites with high ceilings that offer an amazing view of the circuit through expansive windows and if glass is not really your thing, watch the activity from striking sheltered and elevated outdoor viewing decks.  Mix and reconnect with spouses, friends, clients as you enjoy the sheer thrill of the race track.

Additionally, the Platinum enclosures can be found nicely along the pit lane, at the Main Grandstand.  It's perfectly situated for hearing and witnessing live racing activity.  It offers a bird's eye view of the Garages, Winner's Podium and the Pit lane action for example changing of tyres.

F1 India is catching up and catching up quickly.  The sound of these cars, the odor of burning rubber and the absolute speed of it all can leave a individual exasperated and asking for more.