The Vettel Supremacy
Red Bull racing driver retains on demonstrating that this season he has no competition in conditions to prevent him.  At Monza he clinched the eighth victory of the year and raised the gap over No. 2 to 112 points. ?? In the 14th race of this season defending winner, Sebastian Vettel, will have the opportunity to revalidate his name resumes his excellence among the rest.   ????

His latest success happened in the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday, September 11, race which he had won in 2008 beneath Scuderia Toro Rosso, also represented his first F1 career success. ??  Three decades after he's climbed again to the summit of this podium in Monza circuit, using a period of 1:20:46.172 in 53 laps.

Far from suffering from an excess of optimism following the fantastic results achieved this season and the comfortable lead over his competitors, Vettel has once again called for prudence, since he believes that before their opponents stand mathematical chances for the name his staff must keep the feet on the floor.

Asked about the sensations experienced in Italy throughout the success, Vettel confessed that the only way to create those feelings was to have won the race Ferrari, because Monza is thought of as the' 'house ' of their F1 team. ??  He believes that this venue has "the best podium from the Earth," one which makes him "feel so blessed" when standing there.

Something interesting happened at Monza, the first five positions were shot by former F1 winners: Vettel (2010), Jenson Button (2009), Fernando Alonso (2005, 2006), Lewis Hamilton (2008), along with Michael Schumacher (1994, 1995, 2000-2004), in sequence from first to fifth.

In Monza Vettel also clinched the 10th pole position of this season, tying his numbers from this past year, which should definitely be improved believing that there are just six races left and the German driver enjoys of a fantastic present.  But that he can tie Nigel Mansell's record for most poles in 1 season isn't as guaranteed, because the English driver clinched 14 out of 16 in 1992.

Up next is the Singapore GP in Marina Bay, from September 23-25, which was won in 2010 by Alonso, after holding a long battle with Vettel to get No. 1.  The German ended second in a circuit where he has never won.

Despite recognizing that in Ferrari they're no longer considering the name, Alonso doesn't need to get rid of the battle for No. 2, which he currently holds with 172 points, just five over Button and Mark Webber.  He understands that they harbor 't been as competitive as McLaren and Red Bull, but his sensations for Singapore are good, considering that out of the six races left, you suits their car much better. ????

In the race to its constructor's name Red Bull Racing is also in the lead with a comfortable difference of 126 more than No. 2 McLaren.  Their duo has been in a position to complete every race this season, but the previous one, which the Australian Webber was made to leave after tangling with Brazilian Felipe Massa out of Ferrari. ??????