A Motorcycle Helmet Can Save Your Life
Everyone knows that if you hop on a bike, you risk life and limb, but not necessarily in that order.  It's simple to forgo security when you know what you're doing is characteristically unsafe.   " someone may ask, but just because you're taking a risk, doesn't mean you should introduce yourself to unnecessary danger.  Yes, riding a bike is poisonous, but so is driving a car, playing sports and even walking down stairs.  What matters most is that the steps you take to minimize your risk.  When you walk down the staircase, you continue to the railing.  When you drive a car, you wear a seatbelt.  When you hop on a bike, you have to put on a HELMET!

It's like the thought of instant death or paralysis has never crossed their mind.  If you drop off a bike, bottom line, then you will get hurt.  But, there is a stark difference between being injured and losing your own life, and the right helmet makes all of the difference.

By not wearing a helmet you're asking a die.  The right protective gear lowers your chances of death or serious brain injury dramatically.  You may believe you're a safe rider, which you've got your hog in check.  So did my dad.

Each summer my dad would take us to the Jersey coast, and everyday he would wake up early and then take his 1975 Triumph Trident outside for a cruise along the shore.  As my dad was stopped at a red light, a woman on a car-phone rear ended him and sent him flying forty feet in the air.  He landed on the sidewalk and broke a majority of his ribs, his pelvis, and a few vertebrae.  As far as his head went, the helmet he was wearing absorbed most of the impact.  The doctor later told him that if he weren't wearing a helmet they would have been required to scoop his brains off the side of the road.  That helmet saved my dad's own life, and I am blessed he was sporting one.  A minor injury on a bike can quickly become a tragedy when a helmet isn't worn.

If you ride a bike and you don't own a helmet, I implore you to go out and get you immediately.  It may mean the difference between remaining put on this planet or riding the stairway to heaven.  You may have some preconceived ideas about helmets which makes you seem dorky or less than trendy, but you couldn't be more wrong.  With today's modern options you can get a stylish helmet that fits your ride and personality.  You can strap on a spiked Kaiser to match your rumbling chopper, or pick up a chic full-face sport fashion helmet to complement your quick crotch-rocket.  Whatever you decide on, in case you would like 't already have a helmet you want to go outside and get one immediately.  You can't if it's likely to save your own life.