Pay More Attention to Your Weaker Event When You Are Training For Triathlete
You could even ride a mountain bike or hybrid bike if you prefer.  You will require a motorcycle helmet so make sure fits nicely.  And don't make a rookie mistake like I did once by leaving it in the car before the race starts.  You won't be permitted to leave the transition area after the float to start the bike course without a helmet.  Depending on how big the race it will start with a mass swim start.

A quantity of bigger ones will disturbance up the swim setup into smaller waves based on age assemble.  From time to time you'll be capable of walk or rush into the water and other instances you'll begin earlier from the water.  If you are not very good at swimming, then you ought to start at the rear of the group to avoid the original disorder at the start.  Occasionally if you never sidestep the first commotion at the start, you may get inadvertently kicked or pushed or even have your goggles peeled off.  When you come out of the water you'll be inputting into the transition region where your bicycle and run equipment is stored for what's commonly referred to as T1.

Once you towel off your feet you slip on your bicycle shoes, in case you've clip less pedals on your own bicycle differently, then you'll simply wear your running shoes in case you've got regular style pedals.  Take a moment to eat part of an energy bar or eat an energy gel and then drink a bit of your favorite sports drink.  Go at your own pace on the bicycle course so you can enjoy your first triathlon.  On the bicycle you might also drink more.   When you complete the bike ride, you'll be organized to return to the transition region, which is called T2.  You ought to pay more attention to rack your bike correctly, as if you drop off the rack, you'll be penalized.

If you're wearing cycling shoes take them off with care to maintain your balance and not fall over as your legs will be exhausted.  At times it's possible to discover that a few people even simply site on the floor to give their legs a temporary rest.  Put your run shoes , take the other energy gel, and a few more sips of an energy drink before you head out of the transition area on to the run program.  Take it easy on the run program and maintain the same pace you did in training.  In this manner, you can complete the training comfortably and not experience any issues during the leg.  But through a sprint triathlon, you will find more than 1 place where you may have a beverage.  1 technique to drinking when running would be to pinch the surface of the closed on one side to help minimize splashing otherwise only walk while you drink your water.