Running Itself Is a Kind of Rhythm
Running is a dialog I talk to myself.  When conducting becomes a habit, in the practice of conducting, I believe I sometimes do think and will think a lot of things.  Occasionally I would like to run beneath sunlight in a summer running in the hills, and in that time, my mind will be vacant, my spirit will be highly focused and my thinking will be quite clear.  You're likely to encounter this sort of rhythm only when you run up.

Running hills can make it easier to push the memory of genes.  There are lots of tastes among that sort of joy, like the success feeling that comes from hard the nature in addition to the force of impact from comparing feet together with the organic world.  You can imagine the mountain, the skies and the canyon are so wide, but you are so modest, but you are running, and you are making a dialogue with the nature.  This kind of familiarity is the first impulse that is carried by your genes .

Runners will undergo various body encounter under varied outdoor surroundings.   Previously, I love mountain-climbing on foot, and I particularly hate to run on the street, since I think it's extremely boring and boring.
I will run for running cities, but I will daily pay attention to PM2.5 numerical value that is printed by the U.S. Embassy website.  I will run into the work area from home when it's a fantastic day, moreover, I will run home at nighttime as well.  I often visit hills for cross-country races, and it's the most favorite thing I like to perform on weekends.  In reality, the running environment could be changed continuously.  From time to time, I will run on the rolling hills, the scenery of every uphill, downhill and turning aren't similar.  It's not dull at all when you notice the rhythm of your breathing and the rhythm your body reflects to you.

I've composed my first running adventure, which is described as "unforgettable".  When I was studying in the University of Hong Kong at that timeI previously have participated in the Hong Kong 5000-meter race.  I lost the race for my kinds of reasons, and then I put my running shoes aside and neglected then for some time.

On one occasion, I accidentally saw an ad in an old "OUTSIDE" magazine.  Within the full two pages, there were no bright colours or celebrity endorsements, but in the rainy nightthere was just a direct road through the solitude of the jungle and a person ran to the remote mountains alone.  There were little print located on the upper left page corner, which read that when could a jogger become a runner, one day such as this.  When raindrops really swept over my entire body just at that night, it as if swept my anxious for success and failure as well.